Rohan6.4.2016 15:40:39

19.11.2015 11:33:22

.7.11.2015 17:58:54

HAPPY EASTER!19.4.2011 10:12:6

PF 201121.12.2010 2:46:40

.17.12.2010 1:46:46
.Text only in Czech - sorry :-)

With my boys :-)22.8.2010 9:14:33

22.8.2010 9:13:21

ROHAN13.6.2010 1:51:22
If you understand a bit Czech you can read long story in Czech version.
Sorry I am busy to translate it.

HAPPY EASTER!2.4.2010 12:46:45

GORO Enigmatic Vittoria27.3.2010 14:2:22
Goro was at show :-)

Stud dogs15.3.2010 18:28:12
Our boys Richie and Prince are stud dogs from yesterday :-)

New fantastic USA import!11.3.2010 12:39:3

Thank you Tonia for this unique boy.
More about him wil be HERE soon.

FOR SALE17.2.2010 11:46:59
More info: tady

New puppies - K LITTER!20.1.2010 14:28:57
Our the best puppies!
They were born 25.11.2009 from excedent combination:

Sunny Dale’s AJ ROHAN x READY FOR LOVE Enigmatic Vittoria (daughter of ICH: Cinecittá ERIC FORESTER x CH: AMAZONE des Supers Supers)

They are very promissing. Lovely baby doll faces and perfect bodies …
Both girl s are reserved.

PF 201031.12.2009 0:57:1

MERRY CHRISTMAS!21.12.2009 1:36:7
JOY Enigmatic Vittoria

FOR SALE!9.12.2009 0:49:40
ICE MAN Enigmatic Vittoria is for sale. 9 months on the pictures.
JEFF Enigmatic Vittoria (son of Sunny Dale's AJ ROHAN) will be also for sale :-)

WE HAVE PUPPIES!2.11.2009 3:9:13
More info below. Only 1-2 puppies are still free.

J LITTER2.11.2009 3:7:21
First Rohan’s puppies! :-)
Sunny Dales AJ ROHAN x OPHELIA Enigmatic Vittoria.
Puppies were born on 24.10. 2009 and they are boy and girl.

I LITTER2.11.2009 3:4:24
Interesting combination:
DIAMOND Enigmatic Vittoria X ZAFIRA Enigmatic Vittoria
30.9. 2009 were born 3 puppies – 1 small boy and 1 small girl (adult weight under 2,5 kg) and second boy with really lovely head (adult weight under 3 kg).

Goro1.11.2009 17:4:14
I recieved picture of our Goro :-)

World Dog Show BRATISLAVA 11.10.0919.10.2009 2:7:16
Winners from World Dog Show Bratislava
Resuts here
Pictures here

ROHAN9.10.2009 0:58:40
We are back after summer break  I hope I will add some Picture of Rohan’s successes and Picture of new puppy from CH litter.
Here is Rohan after yesterday grooming.

New Puppy15.7.2009 3:26:17
Ch litter
ICH.Cinecittá ERIC FORESTER x CÉLINE Enigmatic Vittoria
12.6.2009 was born 1 big boy – Chicco.

Show Klatovy 14.6.0914.7.2009 13:51:51
Rohan was succesfull - EXC1, CAJC, National Winner :-) More pictures you can see here

17.6.2009 13:50:4
The end of last week was very exacting for us. There were 3 operation of our females in 2 days, we have new puppy boy – CHICCO and Rohan won title CAJC!
I hope I will add some pictures soon.

Video7.6.2009 2:53:57
Litomerice - BOB

CACIB LITOMERICE - 24.5.0927.5.2009 17:47:27
Sunny Dale's AJ ROHAN - Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB!
ENZO Enigmatic Vittoria - Exc.2, res. CAC (quality of Enzo's coat is perfect - I don't wrap him :-))

Dog Show PRAGUE - 3.5.0916.5.2009 18:20:42
I have more pictures and I hope i will add them soon :-)

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